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Looking for seo services to boost your search engine rankings? Boost One SEO provides a one of a kind search engine optimization and web marketing service that ensures you are always on top of the results for searches related to your business in your area. As one of the most innovative and results driven Montreal seo services, Boost One continuously strives to provide the highest quality work in order to help businesses succeed long term. An effective online marketing strategy often separates websites that receive search engine traffic and those that don’t. We help create your winning recipe.

Expert Web

Our team of experienced web marketers will first analyze your website, industry and its competitors. We will then find the keywords and phrases that are generating the most searches related to your business. Once our core list of keywords and phrases have been gathered, we will configure your website on-site. This is just one of the many seo services we offer, and once that is complete we continuously work on increasing your websites rankings for those search terms.

Google Local

Is your business mainly local? Great! Be sure to take advantage of the many great options that Google offers local businesses to succeed online. Google places for business has grown in recent years, and it is now more important than ever for Business owners to capitalize on the local traffic being generated from computers, mobile devices and tablets. Whether you live in Montreal, New York, Houston, or anywhere else in the world, you need Google places if you want more people to find your business online.

Strictly Organic Methods

Boost One SEO places a heavy emphasis on quality content. We care about the long term success of your project. Providing Quality content to your visitors is among the most important factors in ranking your website, especially after the latest Google Penguin update. We have worked with many companies and have heard countless horror stories of websites getting banned from Google because of shady seo tactics used by their old seo guy. We are here to change that. The standard has just gone up, and we are at the front leading the way. Those looking for Seo in Montreal or looking for a legitimate search engine optimization service that will help you achieve your goals, should first request a free assessment by one of our experts. Once your website has been fully analyzed, we will contact you to discuss the right strategy to help your website achieve next level internet traffic, the right way. Our organic seo services are all industry approved methods that will get you in the good graces of the search engines. Work with a company that will treat your website like it’s own, work with Boost One.

Montreal’s Top SEO Company

We have ranked hundreds of websites in Montreal, QC and all over the world for thousands of search terms. Our custom strategies, which are always focused on quality, are effective at increasing organic search traffic. Once we analyze your website, we identify your industry’s most important search terms, and work towards constantly improving its rankings in major search engines.

Even though we work with clients all over the world, Montreal is where we started, and because of this we have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of Montreal businesses. This is what makes us Montreal’s top SEO company and gives us unique experience in this market.

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What are the advantages of choosing a Montreal Seo Company?

While at first glance it may be tempting to hire overseas freelancers for cheap to handle your websites Seo, in the long run, you will regret this. The reason being is that the majority of these freelancers have the short term success of your website in mind, and they usually achieve this by getting your website banned from the search results altogether long term. The reason this happens is because these fly by night operations often time build low quality “spammy” links to your site to artificially increase it’s authority in the search. Over time, as Google has become more and more sophisticated, they have developed methods to spot these “spammy” sites, and they almost always penalize them, either by removing them from Google for certain search terms, or by banning them altogether.

The advantages of hiring a Montreal Seo company that knows what they’re doing, is that you get a fully bilingual, high quality, Seo expert to manage your website’s marketing strategy. In a day and age where quality writing and content is one of the biggest factors in ranking, you can’t rely on somebody who lives in a non English speaking country to manage your Seo campaign. This will have a negative impact on your search engine visibility and will make it difficult, if not impossible, to ever rank your website.

Heavy Empasis on Quality Content

As Google has advanced it’s technology, it has become more and more clear to see what they approve and disapprove. The days of being able to throw together a quick website, write a few short pages of content, post them, and rank for those keywords are over. That does not fly anymore. As a company that has been successful at Seo in Montreal for several years, we are here to tell you that there are no shortcuts to getting good rankings.

How do you make your website appear higher in the search results? By providing content that is both helpful and rich in quality to your users. The average website that appears on the first page of Google for the biggest, most competitive keywords contains 2000 words or more. This is no coincidence. Google then fetches these pages, and ranks them according to quality delivered to end user. The content should not be fluff either. It should legitimately help whoever arrives at that page.

Using our expert writers, we also provide a content writing service that can get you in the good graces of the search engines after a few posts. Don’t do anything to your website that you wouldn’t want for yourself. As individuals we all demand the best. The best food, the best products, the best lifestyle. Your website should be no different, and Boost One Seo ensures that it is well cared for.

The Faster
The Better

Another important factor that Google takes into consideration when ranking a website is the load time. If a website loads slowly, the end user is likely to have a negative experience, or just leave the website altogether. This is one of the reasons that we regularly conduct Google Page Speed tests on all of our clients websites, to ensure that everything is running at peak levels.

There are several things that contribute to slow loading times, including crowded servers (there are many websites on the same server as you), bad code, images are too large, non compatibility with certain internet browsers and more. If these issues are present, we spot them out during our initial analysis and quickly remedy the situation. Providing Seo in Montreal can sometimes be a challenging task, with so many businesses competing for similar services, however when we are on your team, you can bet that you will always be a few steps ahead of the rest, and will have the best chances of being on the first page in a clean, gradual manner, that will allow you to profit forever.

Link Remediation Service

As stated above, many people have opted for cheap seo services either from overseas or by somebody who simply did not know what they were doing. When this takes place, what we often see is that the website in question eventually get’s penalized by Google and completely drops from the Search Engine rankings. If this happens, we use our link remediation service as the solution. The purpose of this service is to identify the bad links that have been created by the previous Seo. We go through all the links manually and we identify those that may be harming your website’s reputation and affecting your rankings. We then make every attempt to have the link in question removed from the website it was added to. We do this by either removing the link manually if possible, contacting the website owner, or even paying to have the link removed at times.

We conduct a full cleanup of your site and make sure that only the good stuff is being seen by Google. Once we have the entire list of “bad links”, and once we have attempted to take action, we then notify Google, and ask them to “ignore” the links that are causing the negative rankings. This is the recommended action to take when you have been penalized by Google and we take our job very seriously, because Google ranking can be everything for a business online. There are not many Montreal Seo companies offering this service, and there are not many in the world who can accomplish this task successfully. We have already performed several link remediation jobs with positive results, so if your website is in trouble because of a previous company or individual who cheated with your Seo, we are here to cleanup their mess.

Press Release, Content Writing and Video Creation

There are several different tasks that a true Seo must be able to accomplish at all times. Some of these important tasks include writing press releases, writing quality content and creating videos. These are all important elements of ranking a website and can generate some nice traffic if properly executed. For Seo in Montreal, it can be a challenge to find a company or individual that can accomplish all of this for you, and properly. Boost One Seo has high quality PR pros on staff ready to write a professional press release to inform the world, the right way, about your company’s latest news or service. We also take care of distributing your release to the public, and even submit it to some of the most popular publications in the world for inclusion. If it get’s picked up and has newsworthy content, your release could go viral, potentially generating thousands of visitors to your website.

Content writing is also more important than ever before. These days, companies with high quality content, and very little back links (a link from another website to yours), can often times outrank a website with numerous lower quality back links, and this is not surprising. Google keeps telling us that content is king and people refuse to listen. Guess what? We listen, and we apply these suggestions to all of our clients strategies. This is what get’s results, and if you don’t feel like writing your own high quality content, then we can do it for you. This is something that needs to be done, and we will make sure that it happens. You would be hard pressed to find another Seo company that places such a heavy emphasis on high quality content, but it is something we firmly believe in and we stick to our methods because they work.

In the digital age, not many forms of marketing are as effective as video marketing. The majority of people are much more willing to watch a video than read an article and the reason for that is simple; human beings have short attention spans. We have Video creation specialists ready to produce a high quality video explaining your business. Whether it is to increase conversions on a signup page, or to provide some rich engaging content to explain the business on the home page, videos can make your website better, and we can show you how. This, along with the many other Seo services we offer is what sets us apart from the competition, and that is something to consider when deciding who to hire to optimize your website on page and off page. With Boost One Seo you get a team of result driven, online marketers who have been making a living off of ranking websites for years, and who treat each client’s website as if it was their own personal project. Search engine optimization is a very delicate process, one that must be continuously refined and improved, and we understand that. Boost your websites rankings, boost your business, choose Boost One Seo today! Get a free SEO analysis, click here.